Wednesday, May 4, 2011


......Yeah i could tell myself and people around me I don't care about finding love.
but to be honest we all want love. I realize finding love within myself alone is the first step , but i also desire love of another.. someone to talk to and hold and be held and confide in...... but honestly these days in our society the chances of meeting someone that has their shit together and that you can relate to and be real with and possibly build a future with is like finding, excuse the expression, a needle in a haystack.... I know i am NOT the only one that experiences this dilemma. and it is very disheartening to try to be open to meeting someone and then to be disappointed over and over and over again by the lack of communication and seriousness of the other partner.... I have been told over and over again that i take life too seriously, but life is SERIOUS people. When you date a person, please, don't leave them worse off then when you first met them. One DECISION can change the course of your life and others lives. Our choices effect so much more then just that moment and ourselves. WE have to be contentious and realize that we have a responsibility as human beings to care for one another and be fragile with others feelings and hearts.

We are doing a bad job at love.
If you have a girlfriend, treat her right and stop lying and cheating..
If you have a boyfriend stop keeping them at arms length let them in and share.
I believe in love..... love is the only thing that casts out fear as Martin Luther king Jr. said.

These are just some random thoughts running through my mind today. Let's love better. listen better. Be there for each other better. Be careful with each others souls....
because we are all connected and all one. Let's Be honest with one another... and with ourselves.

-tabitha gwinn