Tuesday, August 30, 2011

empty spaces... by tabitha t.

there are days when i see things beyond you
beyond me.. beyond this room and this apartment... beyond this city
this country.,,,,,,,,, actually most days i feel caught between this life around me
and the life playing out in my thoughts and mind.....
words are the most powerful thing we have and words speak things into existence as if
there was a blank canvas before and we are painting it with our fears and laughter and love...

the more people i encounter the more i realize most of us just want to be happy...
what people fail to realize that, in my opinion, to be self aware and aware of whats going on in the world and even at your neighbors house... theres alot of pain there. alot of injustice..
how can i be happy when someone else is being raped or killed, or is starving? is that fair???.

ugh, i can't really get my thoughts together. i haven't written anything in so long, it is like i forgot these are just some thoughts swirling in my head.... or more like questions i'm asking myself today::::

-does anyone really lovve another person? like true love.
-do we as a society even know what love is?
-when people leave does the energy you had together and shared live forever?
-why do we all lie?
-why aren't we nicer and lore caring for each other as a whole.....

it has been a long week/month/year...........
and i want some real peace. peace only comes when we heal and when we face
reality in our own lives and the lives of others.... so instead of praying for peace
i'm going to pray for courage to face the shadows and uncover them.... and then start true healing......................then comes the peace. it is like i'm climbing the mountain.