Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When i look to find that which is only within myself
i fail
when i fail to find what i am looking for
i am desperate
when i am desperate to capture love and meaning
I am hopeless
When i am hopeless i fail to find anything of meaning anywhere...

there is so much to be found when looking into a persons eyes. There is so much to be lost when I focus on what others eyes tell me i am worth.

I am convinced that there is such a deep need in all of us to be heard and understood. even though i don't really understand myself sometimes.

lately i have been contemplating why i live the way i do. feel the way i do. think the way i do. I realize the past ALWAYS forms the way we live in the present... and it takes years of dedication to undo damage done to me and that i have done to myself because of the damage done to me or around me.

You cannot make a pretty picture if you are only given poop to work with. ya know.


  1. so what is your story? i think you should begin to tell it, write it out. writing your thoughts and emotions is great, but begin to shape your story and think of your present future. how will you shape those ideal relationships/friendships and etc...?