Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the inside of me.

i want to be reborn.........

to stop being haunted by my past and scared of my future.

i want to beleive that there is a reason for all of this...

i have to choose death even though my insides might break in two...

my heart might break from the thought of you gone forever.

you who i dont even know.... my beautiful one.

i will look for you in the stars and think of you everyday...

i love love love you, and i am sorry ... so sorry.

i hope i will meet you one day.


  1. just a beautiful line said by you, this seems how enlightened you are and more over you see the life very closely than reality and feel that how the things are happening around the globe in the powerful nature...i hope i could understand a bit of your philosophy of life... thanks for the sharing and wish you all the best for future that keeps a lot of hidden things just for you.

  2. aw man i think i know what this is about and it's making me cry... :(

  3. @ anonymous..... what linea re you speaking of?